A First In Goa

Yet another reason to be in Goa and experience relaxation like nowhere else
By Rashima Nagpal

Extending its provisions for holistic wellbeing, Shamana Spa at Grand Hyatt Goa has introduced a first of its kind salt sauna room in Goa. Introducing Halotherapy, a treatment that uses Himalayan pink salt blocks to detox and rejuvenate the body, the Director of Spa and Recreation at Grand Hyatt Goa, Alejandro Leo, has included salt blocks in their sauna room and fitness centre. These blocks of salt act as natural ionisers, and when used in enclosed spaces they absorb all impurities present in the air, creating an antibacterial environment within that space. Based on this concept, Halotherapy is of great benefit for those with respiratory problems. This ancient therapy is also known for its balancing effect on the chakras, leaving one absolutely destressed. When heated, these salt blocks release negative ions, increasing the oxygen supply to the brain which leaves an invigorating effect. In one way or the other, Halotherapy heals one’s body, mind and soul by virtue of the extremely beneficial pink salt.

With this, the reasons to head to Shamana Spa have become manifold. A pre-existing plunge pool, an Ayurveda treatment suite, 19 treatment rooms, and an all new Halotherapy sauna room make it an ideal destination to seek relaxation at, when in Goa.


Grand Hyatt Goa
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