All About Halotheraphy

Halotherapy or Salt therapy is poised to revolutionize the wellness industry and your health too
By Ambika Gupta

Salt therapy or halotherapy is a noninvasive treatment that uses the restorative power of natural salts to cure a range of pulmonary and skin ailments, and to generally boost immunity. Halo literally translates to “salt” in Greek and this therapy essentially involves inhalation of salt under controlled conditions.

A salt room is an airtight space that simulates the microclimate – temperature, air pressure and humidity – of a natural salt cave. Pharmaceutical grade salt that is ground into extremely fine particles, floats in the air, and is also coated on the floor and walls of the room. This drug-free, therapy simply requires you to sit back, relax and let your body soak in the salt, for a session that lasts typically for an hour.

A machine called a halogenerator pumps salt infused air into the room and the concentration of the salt is determined by the severity of the ailment. In the last few years, salt therapy has rapidly gained popularity because it is a non-invasive procedure. Being used globally, this therapy has a remarkable track record of efficacy. In fact, medical practitioners encourage its use to supplement medical treatment. It has proven to be most effective for both children and the elderly. Dr. Shivaraj A L, Consultant Pulmonologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield says, “Elderly patients suffering from respiratory problems can try salt therapy in addition to  their prescribed treatment. We recommend it to terminally ill patients, only at a point when there is no allopathic method left for their treatment.”

Salt therapy, however, is not a recent discovery; it has been around for centuries tracing its origin to Eastern Europe where natural salt caves were all the rage with the locals back in the day. These caves were regularly used and were
valued for their general therapeutic and wellness properties. Subsequent research that revealed the staggering medicinal benefits of inhaling salt led to the mushrooming of salt rooms across the world, and now they are used in particular for treating respiratory ailments. Unsurprisingly, salt therapy is rapidly gaining ground in India. Founder of Salt Escape – Mumbai’s first salt therapy centre suffered from a severe respiratory condition compelling him to explore alternative medicine. When he stumbled upon Halotherapy and its benefits first-hand, he decided to launch his own venture along with his wife.

Salt Escape has three rooms, a private therapy room, a kids therapy room and a group therapy room. Lyla Mehta, Director, Salt Escape, Mumbai explains “Halotherapy works wonders for respiratory and skin diseases, and immunity building. An hour of Halotherapy equals four days at the beach. It is great for smokers and offers respiratory cleanse. Anyone can use it.”

Luxury hotels are also including this popular treatment in their spa services. Shamana Spa in Grand Hyatt Goa innovatively combines Halotherapy and yoga. Similarly, the Taj Palace’s luxury spa, Jiva, has introduced it in its expertly curated selection of wellness. With the number of resporatory ailments on the rise in India, Halotheraphy for better or for worse, is poised to usher in a new era in the health and wellness
industry and help us breathe better.