A Cut Above

The most expensive hairdresser in the world and inventor of 'The Method', Rossano Ferretti talks about his childhood and his salons
By Parvati M. Krishnan

What made you decide to become a hairdresser?
When I was 12, I wanted to be an architect because I was very good at drawing. But I come from a very small village, so reaching where I am today has been a long journey, economically as well as physically. That was another world. My grandfather was a barber and my mother had a small salon in my village (Parma, Italy). Eventually, I got interested in the business too and went to a hairdressing school. But I didn’t like what I was doing. I told my mother that if I had to do this, I would do it my way. That’s when I started travelling. I went to Europe, Tokyo, Paris, Madrid... To understand people, culture, language... I didn’t want to be just another hairdresser. When I was 20, I started working in the fashion industry and then I started styling celebrities. What I bring is my legacy – my 'Method' and the way I communicate. I changed the image of a typical salon from an impersonal zone into a place where the client feels at home.

What is your personal wellness mantra?
I eat very well – you are what you eat. I am 56, but I look much younger. I don’t go to the gym. But when I go to
the Maldives – which I do for 15 days at the beginning of every year – my yoga teacher there teaches me some stretches that I do sometimes (giggles).

Tell us about 'The Method'.
Haircuts cannot be the geometrical journeys they used to be. I wanted to give freedom to the hairdresser and his
scissors. 'The Method' took me several years to perfect, but it respects the natural beauty of hair and understands
it thoroughly.

You are the most expensive hairdresser in the world.
I don’t know what that is because nobody knows how much I charge for a haircut (laughs). It depends on the time
and whom I meet. But I don’t know when I will have my moments and they are very few and far apart.

What's in the pipeline for Rossano Ferretti salons?
We're opening branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the next three months. Then in Monte Carlo and Singapore.
No more plans for India as of now; I believe that it isn’t about the number of salons, but whether the team can
deliver the quality I expect.

Your favourite salon destination.
It is the next one. My most emotional moment was when I became successful in Paris and New York at the same time.

What do you have to say to fellow hairdressers?
Be humble and learn everyday.