Vaiishnavi Ramesh talks about her tryst with fire spinning, Reiki and tarot reading.
By Vaiishnavi Ramesh

Magic lies in the eyes of the beholder,” the child in me yells out in affirmation every now and again. Such was the case of the entirety of my childhood – the only thing I was inherently capable of was in believing that I could see it.

I was an introvert as a child, and all through my teenage years, I remember myself as being desperate for perspective. I had the habit of imitating what I liked in others around me, but most of it resulted in comical disasters. That is how I came to realise that the vessel needed to be hardened before it could matter. Eventually, my spirit’s evolution became a priority and I began my journey of accumulating teachers – some in sentimentality and others for skill.

About five years ago, in a peculiarly life altering event, I found the path I wanted to follow and started learning the higher art forms of spinning fire, practicing Reiki and divining through Tarot. All three art forms belong to different elements – light for fire, sound for water and time for air. Spinning, as an art form of motion, lent me a lot of focus in a very structured and martial way. The muscle memory of accepting fire as a part of the body while in motion extended a greater deal of comfort with my universe.

Reiki, on the other hand, posed quite the challenge when it came to disciplining my emotions to develop the rarely existing nurturer in me. Twenty one days were spent in quietness, healing myself; first with no idea of how, in practicality, it worked, which then led to acquiring the ability to feel every change internally and at par with reality.

And last came Tarot, which appealed to the artist in me that had tried for so long to gaze in perspective. My experiences with the soul started various times in the chaos of the creative, and I always had a choice to revel or go beyond.
Awareness came with the realisation that it didn’t matter either way. I am where I was supposed to be.