Free As A Bird

Rea Krishna, a grandma's girl, talks about a metaphysical world that dancing led her to
By Rea Krishna

The notion of freedom has intrigued me since I was a child. But it was always a struggle to be free from mundane
tasks such as school, studies and eating. I found freedom while spending time with nature, feeding kittens and squirrels, and then, through dance.

I’ve been dancing ever since I can remember. I danced through school, and college, and eventually took it up professionally. Ballet was my base, and then, I diversified into Latin dance forms. I enjoyed the freedom of expression that dance allowed. Acting and aerial work allowed me to explore different forms of expression – there was something mystical about the performing arts. Dance taught me that when a person is in a state of flow, there are celestial powers and energies that are guiding that person. I was intrigued by this energy and wanted to delve deeper into it. I knew it had the power to heal, and that was the next step that had to be explored.

My grandmother helped me understand divinity and was instrumental in leading me into the world of energy that dance provided. My mother introduced me to the practice of reiki, chakra balancing and angel healing – it’s rewarding to explore and share the metaphysical world with someone close. It helps deepen your understanding and reiterates what you are experiencing. Having forayed into several genres of the metaphysical, I began to understand how different energy centres function. Each spiritual system has its own energy centre that can be explored to the best of an individual’s abilities.

As a dancer, one is bound to suffer injuries. My work as a creative movement therapist allowed me to heal my own injuries. That, coupled with the esoteric work that I have been doing, led me to finding my own form of Intuitive Movement Therapy (IMT). It has become the core of my being – to be aware of my body and my environment at all times and to the best of my abilities.

I have used IMT extensively in individual sessions as well as groups with children and adults from all walks of life. People benefit physically, emotionally and mentally from the therapy, and are moved to change their patterns by becoming aware of their deepest positive intentions. IMT constantly impacts growth and learning through everyday life. It is a work in progress because the possibilities with the human consciousness are limitless. It is the feedback from my clients that motivates me to delve deeper into the realms of the physical and the intuitive self.


Rea is an energy worker, a somatic practitioner, a creative movement therapist and a trained performing artist with over 18 years of experience. She believes that the body is an intelligent tool for self awareness.