Haven On Earth

Enveloped in cool breeze from Umiam Lake, intoxicating fragrances from the hills and enchanting melodies from the forests, Ri Kynjai is a nature lover’s Eden
By Team ASI

The sight of the sun rising over Umiam Lake would be one of the enthralling features of your experience at Ri Kynjai resort. Spread over 45 acres, the resort is set in idyllic surrounds. Located 20 kilometres from Shillong, it is set against the backdrop of the Khasi Hills, and Umiuh village nearby offers a taste of local life. Ri Kynjai (literally, ‘land of serene environs’) puts together a traditional experience of the indigenous community around and adds a tinge of modernity to it.

Ri Kynjai
One of the cottages overlooking the Umiam Lake

Inspired by traditional Khasi thatch huts, the hybrid cottages – each panelled with red pine and occupying 800 square feet. The luxury factor is in the unmatched hospitality and services. At Sao Aiom, the restaurant, dine on a range of local delicacies and exotic dishes. To make the most of the natural beauty that surrounds the resort, take a walk along a nature’s trail. You can also go kayaking on Umiam Lake, or trek up Lum Sohpetbneng and Lum Diengiei, the famous peaks steeped in Khasi legend. Also on offer is access to all the facilities offered at the Shillong Golf Course, one of the oldest in the world.

Ri Kynjai
The gazebo offers panoramic views of the landscape around

Seekers of wellness too have reason to rejoice. Check into Khem Janai Spa, and let it rejuvenate you with ancient herbal cures. Influenced by traditional Khasi methods, the treatments offered here be sure to leave you relaxed. Try the ‘Khasi Bath’, a water massage for ultimate rejuvenation, or opt for ‘Khem Tynrai’, a traditional Khasi curative massage that improves circulation and helps relieve knots.

Ri Kynjai
The traditionally done Khem Janai Spa

Ri Kynjai, with its untouched natural, ancient healing and traditional offerings makes for quite a holistic and rejuvenating experience that should not be missed.

Umniuh Khwan, UCC Road, Ri Bhoi District, Meghalaya - 793102
+ 91 98 62 42 03 00 / 98 62 42 03 01