Healing Touch

Reiki uses the energy around us to balance the subtle energies within us, says Dr. Amar Kumar
By Charu Sharma


All of us aspire for a happy and healthy life. Ageing, however, is a natural process and diseases are a part of our life cycles. Eating pills or undergoing surgeries does not make us healthy. So, we must look beyond science because good health is an outcome of a good lifestyle – exercise, nutritious food, less stress, happy relationships and more.

We often need additional support, and reiki, an ancient form of holistic healing, can be that helping hand. The word 'reiki' is derived from two Japanese words - rei (meaning universal) and ki (meaning life force energy). Reiki means energy that creates and sustains life. The term was used by Dr. Mikao Usui, who rediscovered the ancient art form in the 19th century and brought it back to us. In fact, from Gautam Buddha to Jesus Christ, several saintly figures are believed to have had the healing touch.

The universe around us is filled with cosmic energy and some of it naturally flows through our body and nourishes it. But, over time, we begin to develop blockages that prevent the smooth flowing of this energy. This is where reiki comes to the rescue. It is a simple and effective healing therapy. It flows and removes blockages and helps in the healing process by allowing the free flow of life energy. Those who are trained and empowered by a reiki master can channelize extra energy through their palms and treat themselves or others by simply placing their palms on their bodies.


reiki - alternative therapy
Reiki offers holistic healing by balancing the energies within us


The beauty of this therapy is that it is absolutely unconditional – available to everyone without any strings attached. It is a harmless and drugless therapy. There is are no restrictions such as age, empty stomach, quiet room, particular time of the day and more. You can do it while watching your favourite show on television, or travelling by public transport or in your car. You can do it for a few minutes or for longer durations as per your convenience. Sitting, lying down, listening to music, eyes open or closed, anything will do when it comes to reiki. It does not depend on your intellectual capacity or your state of spiritual development.

Reiki addresses both physical and mental well-being. It can heal chronic diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, spondylitis, ulcer, cancer, skin diseases, stroke, paralysis, kidney and liver problems, insomnia, depression, migraine, lack of concentration, memory laps, ovarian cysts and neurological diseases. At the same time, it can help us recover faster from cuts, fractures, burns and other wounds. It also brings relief from stress, helps us develop a positive outlook to life and gain mental strength. The duration of the therapy depends on how stubborn the blockage or disease is. Older blockages take longer to cure.


Reiki - power of touch
Reiki is a healing therapy that uses the power of touch


Reiki is extremely easy to learn and practice. It is an simple technique that can be learnt over a two-day workshop, after which your ability to heal yourself and others lasts forever. But, you must remember that you choosing your master is the key to understanding and learning reiki well. There are no shortcuts to this method of learning. Invest your time with a traditional reiki master for proper attunement. There are two levels of traditional reiki, and the ability and knowledge is given by the reiki master through a process of attunement. Second degree reiki can be learnt only after 21 days of self-treatment once you have learned the first degree. It enables us to send reiki to another person or situation that is physically away from us.

To be honest, it is difficult to explain what reiki is and what it can do. Even science is struggling to understand the concept of energy. Reiki must be experienced – it is the only way to understand its power. The beauty of reiki lies in its simplicity. Just with the placement of two hands, you can transform your and others’ lives.




Dr. Kumar - reiki master
Dr. Kumar is the founder of Reiki Kendra in Kolkata

Dr. Kumar is a well-known traditional reiki master and a registered medical practitioner with the Indian Board of Alternate Medicine. He founded Reiki Kendra in Kolkata in 1998 and has extensive experience in other healing arts such as yoga, art of living, past life regression and more.