Home Away From Home

In the middle of an apple orchard in a lesser known village in Himachal Pradesh, MeenaBagh Ratnari is a quaint homestay that makes for the perfect escape
By Rashima Nagpal

When you’re holidaying in Himachal Pradesh, you will be sure to find views galore that take your breath away. But it is a rare occurrence to find accommodation that distracts you from the spellbinding views. At MeenaBagh in Ratnari, it’s difficult to decide what to focus on – the homestay, or the views!

Located in the middle of an apple orchard in Ratnari, a secluded hill station 80 kilometres from Shimla, this two-bedroom homestay has a traditional Himachali look and feel and offers modern amenities.

Only when you step inside will you discover its well-kept charms, one of which is a telescope that can be connected to your smartphone to capture stunning shots of the sky. Wide windows overlooking the mountainscape, a sun room and a porch add to the excitement. Retaining its rustic ambience are its 85-yearold mud and stone walls – they give the property a homely feel. All the furniture, from the beds to the lampshades, has been designed in-house using waste wood that was picked up from wood mills. The house is spacious enough to accommodate 12 people and there’s room for pets too!

Meena Bagh Ratnari

And there’s so much to do here. Put on your trekking shoes, step outside and walk to the deodar forest just five minutes away. Go for long treks or just relax in the shade of the apple trees. The quaint bungalow is perfect for those who want to spend some quality time with their loved ones and have a surreal experience in the middle of the mountains. Plus, artists, writers and animal lovers will feel much at home here.

Village and P.O. Ratnari, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh - 171225
+91 98 10 67 27 55