Instant Recharge

Spas in India are churning out express treatments that aim to make spa-goers healthy and happy in a jiffy.
By Rama Ahuja

Whether it is due to the perils of a long commute, the consistent staring into computer screens, or because of the
exhaustion that comes from catering to growing family demands, two things are for certain – one, your body is sore, and the other, time is a precious commodity. Coming to your rescue is the wellness industry that is leaving no stone unturned to appease the wellness seeker in you.

Focussing on a certain part of your body such as the head, back or legs, an express treatment is the rage that day spas, fancy hotel spas and even spas at malls and airports are cashing in on. What makes these express treatments all the more appealing is the fact that unlike a proper therapy that can take away hours from your day, these treatments usually range from 15 to 45 minutes and are quite effective in providing relief.

Ashwin Sharma, Director, Bodhi Thai Spa divulges, “You’ll be surprised to know how popular these express treatments are. Our spas are located in some of Mumbai’s busiest malls and we have observed that a majority of our clientele
is made up of regulars. Turns out that an express treatment is an integral part of their weekend plan that typically includes a movie, shopping and a leisurely meal.”

In fact, they are popular not only with leisure seekers, but also with corporates. Purva Devare, Spa Manager, JIVA Spa, Taj Santacruz, Mumbai reveals, “Being an airport hotel, we welcome plenty of business travellers. On any given day, we give out at least six to eight express treatments as it is extremely convenient for these professionals to zone out and relax with one in between hectic, back to back meetings. In fact, when we first launched, express treatments were not a part of our offerings. However, due to popular demand, we now offer treatments that are 30–45 minutes
long. And if a client requests us for a 15-minute version, we readily oblige.”

Understanding the huge potential in express treatments and taking the experience a notch higher, Marriott International has introduced a fusion chair. Designed exclusively for Spa by JW by the coveted Living Earth Craft, the chair is popularly known as a ‘treatment pod’ and can be adjusted according to individual body postures. It comes with an iPad screen that isattached to the headrest of the chair and projects visuals that have a calming effect on the mind. The thermal heat pads and in-built music help render an instant calming influence on the body as well as the mind.

Mahima Sharma, Director of Spa, JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai elaborates,“Ours is the first Spa by JW in the Asia Pacific region and the highlight of our express treatments is that one doesn’t need to take a shower prior to the treatment. No time is wasted in elaborate rituals before and after the express treatments. Our therapists skillfully perform relaxing
massage techniques without using any oil as a medium.”