The Journey Within

From being a three-year-old yoga learner to now being a yoga professional and wellness consultant, Varuna Shunglu reveals how yoga transformed her life, in every aspect
By Varuna Shunglu

My experience with yoga is a story of inner transformation. I was born with low immunity and my body invited diseases often. After three years of my constantly falling ill, my mother introduced me to yoga. She would send me – a three-year-old – to a yoga school along with regular school. Thanks to that, my health improved, but I turned into a hyperactive child who could never sit still.

I used to love spending time with my grandfather, who would teach me to close my eyes and sit in one place, though I found it difficult to do so initially. At that time, I couldn’t fathom the depth of what he was trying to teach me. Much later, when I was eight, I came across an amazing teacher who made yoga more interesting for me. He shared ancient stories about how the postures originated, and why it was so important to learn to watch one’s mind. I was mesmerised! The lessons my grandfather had taught me soon started to make sense. I could now sit for long hours of meditation, and the hyperactivity soon melted away.

As I grew older, no matter what I did, yoga was with me at every step of the way. I started conducting workshops in college, and the strength and knowledge that I gained from the practice, helped me tackle real life situations better. I felt fit, mentally and physically, and it took me to a new level of awakening. I realised that the deeper one goes into their yoga practice, the more effortless the journey becomes.

Eventually, I became a full-time trainer and started conducting classes around the world; it has been such a rewarding journey. Monotony only sets in when one is stagnant, but to read, laugh, experience and live in the moment has taught me lessons that can never be taught in a classroom.

I believe understanding yoga as a practice and lifestyle is very important as it brings about a rare balance of inner and outer beauty, transforming you into a person who is truly ‘united’ with the self.