Life-Altering Ways

A personal account of how alternative medicine changed Dr. Chandni Tugnait's life and that of the people around her
By Dr. Chandni Tugnait

During my juvenescence, I believe there was a power within each one of us to do things that most people call ‘magic’. It often intrigued me how the universe and the energy around us worked towards natural healing. What worried me, however, was to see my father really unwell, and the inability of the doctors to diagnose the exact problem. It was very disturbing for me as a child, and that’s when I decided that I would become a doctor to help others.

I chose alternative medicine as my area of expertise as it gave me the skills to go beyond the limitations of biomedicine. Over the years, I gained expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of issues relating to physical and mental wellbeing. As I grew, I found myself naturally healing and helping people to become more empowered. I began identifying the gaps in what people desired and what they manifested in their lives. I started to assist people in actualising their desires in various aspects of their lives – relationships, health, money, career, education, physical and mental wellbeing, handling stress, love, stability and security. The greatest victory for me, however, is the fact that I am no longer dependent on anyone and can contribute to the wellness of my father.

Over the years, I have grown stronger and happier and have been able to tackle life with ease, joy and glory. A sense of fulfilment prevails now as I contribute to the lives of the people around me. One of the most memorable moments of my career was when a woman, to whom doctors had said that she couldn’t conceive, even through IVF, came to me for sessions. She, eventually, conceived and delivered a healthy baby naturally! Each session I take empowers me as much as it empowers the person I am treating. And every change encountered brings me to realise the magnificence each one of us possesses.

Dr. Chandni Tugnait has made a miraculous difference in numerous people's lives
Dr. Chandni Tugnait's work has helped numerous people from all walks of life



Psychotherapist, consciousness catalyst and miracle worker, Dr. Chandni is the founder of Gateway of Healing and Chandni Tugnait Training Consultancy.