Naturopathy Detox Decoded

Discover the combined benefits of naturopathy and natural beauty at Aahana – The Corbett Wilderness
By Parvati M. Krishnan

While the modern naturopathy movement was started in Germany fairly recently, the science of self healing finds mention in a number of ancient texts, including the Vedas. The alternative therapy is based on the philosophy that if you turn to a natural diet and physical exercise and find an effective method of removing the toxins from your body, you will remain healthy. And while naturopathy furthers its cause with a variety of therapies and treatments, it does not promote the intake of medication or invasive procedures.

Aahana, strategically located in the wild surrounds of Corbett National Park, makes for the ideal location for a naturopathy detox, since nature is so vital to this process of healing. Aahana Naturopathy Centre uses a mix of yoga, Ayurveda, nature cure and Western spa therapies, and employs a strict and controlled diet and schedule to help you detox. We talk to Ayu Tripathi, Director of Aahana – The Corbett Wilderness, for an insider’s take on the naturopathy detox offered here.

Naturopathy Detox

What is the naturopathy detox?
Unabsorbed metabolic waste – toxins – gets accumulated in various parts of the body because of a variety of reasons. It might be because the excretory system is malfunctioning, or because of the pollutants that we are exposed to directly or indirectly. The naturopathy detox uses a holistic approach to take care of the whole system simultaneously. The synthesis of toxins is controlled with an active lifestyle in fresh, clean and natural surroundings, while intake is controlled by consuming naturally occurring and minimally processed food. The excretory organs are supported through treatments such as hydrotherapy, mud therapy, colon irrigation, sweating baths, enemas. A combination of yoga and a strict daily schedule helps bring back inner harmony and reset the biological clock.

How is it performed?
The classic rule of ‘early to bed, early to rise’ is followed. So no late nights here! After a detailed consultation with the
naturopathy physician, treatments and a diet chart are planned. Ideally, you may be asked to start your day with yoga, followed by a natural diet and therapies through the day. This will improve the circulation and supply of vital nutrients to the deficient parts, while relieving the congestion in the affected organs. Supporting therapies, such as reflexology, raga therapy, magnet therapy and chromo therapy, are also performed to speed up the process. Symptoms arising from diseases are relieved through acupuncture, physiotherapy, Ayurvedic Panchakarma, massages, herbal wraps and the like.

We should remember here that there is a variety of obstacles on the path to a lifestyle change. Some are unavoidable, like chronic pain and diseases, while others are habitual and can be modified, like lethargy. Naturopathy emphasises on the importance of procuring information on the health of an individual, the implementation of the information as part of a schedule, and behaviour modification through counselling and stress relieving techniques.

For how many days should one undertake the detox?
Typically, a stay of 10 to 15 days has been found to be ideal for visible and definitive relief from the different challenges faced by a toxic body. Our physicians follow-up every 60 days after you leave to help you internalise the newly learnt practices and sustain them in your daily life

What are its benefits?
The primary benefit is that it cleanses the body and makes you feel light,fresh and agile. Additional benefits include relief from the symptoms of toxicity, lowered blood sugar and pressure levels, better bowel movement, improved metabolism and control over body weight, relief from joint pain and general body aches, and, most importantly, the forming of and adhering to a structured daily routine.

How often should one opt for it?
This largely depends on the extent to which you are able to follow the guidelines set during your session.Initially, a repetition every 6 to 9 months works well for you to check your progress. Then, you should opt for a detox every 9 to 12 months.

How is the naturopathy detox at Aahana different from others?
We walk our talk, that’s why we are different! We entertain a maximum of 6 to 8 guests at a time only. An experienced therapist is assigned to each guest from early morning to evening, throughout their stay. The therapies are performed by highly trained staff under hygienic conditions in individual therapy rooms. Almost all waking hours are utilised for healing therapies, with meal and rest breaks, of course. The combination of the pristine environment of Corbett, luxurious setting, industry experts, traditional Ayurvedic oils from Kerala, wraps and packs made with locally grown herbs and medicinal plants, along with a personalised and bespoke schedule provides a memorable experience that lasts a lifetime.