An Oasis Of Wellbeing

In the desert state of Nevada, after a long day, this is what your body and soul would be yearning for - Atlantis Casino Resort Spa
By Rama Ahuja

Feeling a bit sore after a long but memorable ride on the wide open Loneliest Road in America, a day of guilt-free indulgence is what my tired muscles are asking for. And, Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno, offers me exactly what I want. Spread over 30,000 square feet, this is a spa lover’s delight and I was happy to lose myself in its labyrinth of lounges and chambers of healing.


Experience the soothing sound of the waterfall, here that induces a sense of calm
The soothing sound of the waterfall here induces a sense of calm


The spa offers treatments in 15 rooms, has a variety of indoor and outdoor pools and its soothing ambience boasts a natural stone façade and soft healing colours that are complimented by the gentle sound of waterfalls. I zero in on the ‘Pantai Luar’ treatment and am promptly escorted to my treatment room where I lie down on a comfortable massage bed. The treatment starts with a beautiful Native American rain stick ceremony. The rain stick is gently moved up and down and the soft sound created by the movement of its beads signifies that the treatment has begun. My therapist slathers an eastern Asian-scented oil on my back, and I drift into a state of sweet nothingness. Immediately after, she throws hot sachets filled with nutshells, lime and coconut soaked in an almond-, coconut- and berry-infused oil on my skin that send shock waves coursing through my body! This tricks my skin into believing that it is getting burnt, so that its cells begin renewing and rejuvenating at a faster pace. I begin to feel more energetic, and my skin feels much softer.


  Unwind in the Brine Inhalation Light-Therapy Lounge for a sensorial experience.
  Unwind in the Brine Inhalation Light-Therapy Lounge for a sensorial experience.


After the treatment, I spend some time in the Brine Inhalation Light-Therapy Lounge that features soothing music and a waterfall of brine that cascades over decorative stones. This has me spellbound as I feel a sense of calm take over me and decide to catch a few winks before the exciting evening that awaits me at the high-octane Atlantis Casino.


Atlantis Casino Resort Spa
3800 S. Virginia St. Reno
Nevada - 89502, USA
+1 77 59 54 41 35