In this age of awareness of the effects of overmedication and chemicals, the focus is shifting to alternative cures, acupressure being one of them
By Team ASI

An ancient healing technique based on the Chinese Qi (Chi), Acupressure kick-starts the body’s self-healing abilities. The practice involves the use of the fingers to activate key healing points on the body, which, in turn, helps release tension, increase circulation, boost immunity and reduce pain. It originated in Asia over 5,000 years ago.

Here's what expert Dr. Shubha Radhakrishnan has to say about the alternative therapy that acupressure is:

"Acupressure as a treatment is known to be extremely helpful for patients suffering from insomnia, migraines, arthritis and spondylosis. It has been known to relax muscles and encourage improved circulation. It also stimulates the release of numerous hormones and chemicals that have a positive impact on overall health. Acupressure, as the name suggests, is the science of using pressure to release trapped obstructive energy in the muscles as well as the nerves. By releasing stress, the ancient practice promotes good health and an improved state of wellbeing. It is a non-invasive practice, unlike Acupuncture, which uses needles on the same pressure points and meridians to release pressure. It is only if the condition is deep rooted and the pain is chronic that Acupuncture is recommended."

Where To Learn?

Chandigarh Acupressure Health Centre
Kothi no. 1469, Sector 42B, Chandigarh - 160036
0172 26 10 411

Acupressure Research Training & Treatment Institute
A-13, DC, Kamla Nehru Nagar, Near Pratap Nagar Pvt. Bus Stand, Jodhpur, Rajasthan - 342008
0291 27 59 042


Dr. Shubha Radhakrishnan has over 16 years of experience in the fields of naturopathy and yogic sciences. She
has been associated with SOUKYA, Dr. Mathai’s international holistic health centre in Bengaluru since 2001.