Play Of Light

At the Spa at The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore, wellbeing is a medley of décor and treatments. Here's how it appealed to my senses
By Parineeta Sethi

It has been two long days of meetings and traffic in Bengaluru and my body is screaming for a break. There’s not one in sight, but I do hope to make the best of the two hours I have in between meetings.

I am in an elevator at The Ritz-Carlton making my way up to the Wellness Floor. As I step out, I am greeted by smiling faces and soothing tones, and the aromatic fragrance that already begins to relax me! Suddenly enlivened, and with a subtle spring in my step, I follow a smiling face to a comfortable chair and a cup of herbal tea. A menu is handed to me, but I would much rather take advice from the experts. All I need is a relaxing two hours.

Ritz-Carlton Bangalore
The vibrant corridors of the spa at Ritz-Carlton Bangalore

So, I’m led into the inner sanctum of the spa. Soothing dim lights flit in and out forming enchanting patterns on the walls through the jaalis that seem to dominate the décor. I step into the changing room and feel like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders as I enter the sauna for a quick session.

A quick shower later, it’s time for me to experience my ‘surprise’ signature treatment. I am led into a beautifully
appointed room and told that the jaali theme would follow me into my treatment – I am to experience a ‘Jaali
Embrace’, and pleasantly surprised I am, for it is a four-hands massage! I lie down on the table after my foot wash and give in to the relaxing sensation of the four hands massage. The warm oils and hot stones the hands pour and place on me only add to the feeling of relaxation, and I sink into a feeling of nothingness that draws me into a deep slumber.

Ritz-Carlton Bangalore
One of the treatment rooms at the spa

I come back to my senses when I feel firm fingers massaging my head with an aromatic oil. The feeling is one of weightlessness. My shoulders know they will move with ease and my feet feel light, as if on wings. The head massage comes to an end and I reluctantly rise. I walk a few steps and gratefully sink into a comfortable chair in the lounge and sip on another cup of herbal tea as the light-play of the jaali continues to work its magic on me.

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