Scandinavian Rejuvenation

Plunge in hot, warm and cold pools set in the middle of an Alpine forest at the stunning Scandinave Spa Whistler
By Vaibhav Mehta

Imagine dipping in and hopping across hot, warm and cold water relaxation pools engulfed in a peaceful spruce and cedar forest and surrounded by incredible lush green mountain vistas. The ‘Scandinavian Baths Experience’ at the 20,000-square-feet Scandinave Spa Whistler is one such experience that’s highly rejuvenating and relaxing for the mind, body and all the senses in between.

Also known as hydrotherapy, this age-old Scandinavian tradition cleanses the body, promotes the release of endorphins and improves blood circulation and physical conditioning, resulting in increased wellness and intense relaxation. This is, of course, besides the peace of mind that the natural setting provides. In sequence, it’s advisable to first heat the body in hot baths, the eucalyptus steam room, the wood-burning Finnish sauna and thermal waterfalls to open up the pores, stimulate blood circulation and release toxins.

I swam and moved around in the hot water pool and stood under the thermal waterfalls while taking in the green mountain oasis and hearing nothing but the sound of the water gushing over my head. The next step is to cool the body quickly in the Nordic waterfalls to close the pores and strengthen the immune  system. It took me a momentary lapse of breath as I transitioned from the hot to the cold water pool and the Nordic falls. This is a bit more adventurous, but it only accentuated the experience that was up ahead. I made a quick dash for the warm, temperature controlled solarium and lay in the cosy warmth and silence on the wooden panels.Under the influence of such peace, I found it hard to drag myself out, but I did.

Scandinave Water Spa

The bliss continued as I let myself hang in a hammock, watching the cedar forest above me and listening to the birds chirping in some kind of unison. I also sat by the outdoor fireplace to allow my cardiovascular system to regulate itself and blood circulation to decrease. Each hot-cold relaxation sequence takes about 25 to 30 minutes and should ideally be repeated three to four times for maximum benefit. The whole experience normally takes about two to three hours. But since I am known to be an easy victim to avarice, I went on for much longer, not knowing when I’d visit Whistler again! However, it’s important to remain hydrated throughout the process so that toxins are eliminated and optimal wellbeing is achieved.

Scandinave Water Spa

If you’re greedier than I am, there is further scope for indulgence with the ultimate relaxation massage packages, with a lineup including Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, yoga and registered massage therapy; all massage packages include the ‘Scandinavian Baths Experience’. You could top it with a selection of delicious and healthy snacks and light meals that the spa bistro offers. Scandinave Spa is open all days of the year, surrounded by fresh winter snow or inundated in the sweet scent of spruce in spring. Harmonising with the natural surroundings, Scandinave Spa’s eco-friendly design, with its vegetated green roofs and a passive solar heating system, complements its beautiful location, all making it a day you will never forget!