Skinful Indulgence

The NY Facial is the new it thing in the world of beauty, and with good reason
By Parvati M. Krishnan


What is the NY Facial?

Inspired by the hi-tech celebrity facials available at top dermatology clinics in New York City, the NY Facial combines three different technologies for smooth, clear and glowing skin. The triple therapy works on every level of the skin, tightening pores, removing fine lines and marks, and giving a gorgeous glow.


Why should you opt for it?

If you are in a hurry and have dull skin, open pores, fine lines or mild pigmentation, this treatment is for you. In just one or two sittings, the NY Facial will give you gorgeous skin without any redness, irritation or side effects, and there’s absolutely no downtime. Any pore tightening or pigmentation reduction is permanent.


How does it feel?

I had walked into Dr. Lohia’s clinic full of trepidation. My only experience with any sort of equipment while getting a facial had been years ago, when a UV lamp had wreaked havoc on my skin. In came the doctor – younger and bubblier than I had imagined. My fears assuaged after a short conversation with her, I walked into one of the several treatment rooms in the clinic. The treatment started with gentle resurfacing. A pen-like instrument with a sand-papery tip stroked away dead skin cells from my face. A slimmer pen was used around my eyes. It felt a bit abrasive, but not too unpleasant. The newer skin was treated with a laser toning process using collagen stimulating lasers. It took a while to get used to the warm singeing sensation, but when the therapist told me that she was zapping my laugh lines and acne scars away and plumping depressions and scars on my face, I stopped short of begging her for more! The last step was a hydrating mask that was left on for 10 minutes.


A pen-like instrument with a sand-papery tip is used to stroke away dead skin cells
A pen-like instrument with a sand-papery tip is used to stroke away dead skin cells 


The facial was over in 25 minutes! I looked in the mirror. Gone were those laugh lines, that small scar on my forehead, those acne marks that I had tried to get rid of for ages…And I felt and looked refreshed, and, well, photoshopped! Post-therapy care included applying an ointment on my face – morning and evening – for five days and regular use of a sunscreen with a reasonably high SPF. A day later, the facial came into its own and my skin was radiant and soft. A week later, the scar was still barely visible. “Is that my face in the mirror?” I ask myself even today, two weeks after I experienced the NY Facial.


Where can you get the facial?

The facial has specifically been adapted for the Indian skin tone and is increasingly becoming a favourite with brides, socialites and celebrities. It is available at both branches of Lumiere Dermatology Clinic, in Panchsheel Park and Vasant Vihar.


Who is Dr. Kiran Lohia?


Dr. Kiran Lohia


A Columbia University graduate with a MD in Dermatology, Dr. Kiran Lohia has degrees in both cosmetic formulation and dermatology, making her a worldwide expert on skin care products and their topical applications. Born, educated and trained in New York, Dr. Lohia owns Lumiere Dermatology Clinic in New Delhi where she practices both clinical and cosmetic dermatology, treats all skin, nail and hair diseases, and offers a range of treatments that include the NY Facial.