Time To Glow

Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj, founder, Skin & Hair Clinics puts together some easy must -do beauty rituals
By Dr. Deepali Bharadwaj

First things first, I don’t endorse, support or approve of neglecting your skin intentionally. I do, however, understand that working women have too much on their plates, and squeezing in facials and obsessing over a strict beauty routine is not an easy task at all. But, the truth is, you need to understand that it is essential to devote a little time to your skin daily basis to keep it healthy and glowing. I know you’re a mother, very hardworking, you travel often or maybe just get lazy, and skincare doesn’t make it to your to-do list. But, trust me when I say that with minimal effort and time, even busy women can have healthy skin. It’s all just about paying attention to what’s important.

Moisturise Your Skin Daily
Always use a body lotion immediately after bathing to seal in the moisture. This will keep your skin soft and smooth and prevent rashes. If lotions make you feel greasy, opt for products with a gel-emulsion technology that deliver the effect of a cream with the feel of a gel. Also, use exfoliants once or twice a week to keep your skin looking young.

Say No To Soap
Soap has a pH of approximately 9, while skin has a pH of 5.5. So, using soap results in dry or irritated skin with a higher risk of allergies and infections. Ditch soap and use cleansers that suit your skin.

Get Facials Regulary
For glowing skin, choose products that have alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid and glycolic acid, and are naturally derived from milk and sugarcane. They are effective in giving skin a natural glow while treating and preventing marks and pigmentation. While pampering yourself with facials regularly is a good practice, use steam or bleach not more than twice a year.

Chosse Products Wisely
Opt for products that are hypoallergenic (that have been reviewed and approved by a dermatologist to ensure that they don’t have a high allergy inducing potential) and non-comedogenic (those that don’t have a high risk of giving you blackheads and whiteheads). Also, always remember not to use the same product continually.

Use A Sunscreen With A High SPF
A sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 25 or more can prevent damage to the skin that usually results in wrinkles, pigmentation and dark spots. Using a sunscreen regularly eventually results in healthy skin. Apply it 15 minutes before you step out and reapply every three hours.

Cut Salt Intake And Lots Of Protein
Too much salt in your diet dehydrates the organs from within and forces water absorption from the skin, making it dull.So make sure you don’t add extra salt to your food. Also, eat lots of proteins as they stimulate elastin and collagen production and maintain amino acid levels in the blood.