Urban Retreat

Set in a farmhouse in Sainik Farms, Gold Roots’: The Salon offers excellent services in a unique environment
By Parvati M. Krishnan

I have gotten the address correct. The signage on the gate says I am at the right place, but nothing I see leads me to
believe that I am at a salon. In front of me is a lawn set with chairs and tables where a few ladies – their hair in rollers – are sipping on cups of tea, soaking in the watery winter sunlight.

To my left is a long, single-storied building out of which walks proprietor Anu Ghai Malik, all warmth and sunshine herself. As I walk down the short driveway with Anu, she explains that the idea is to create a space where people can relax and bond over hot beverages and get head massages out in the lawn. I am intrigued. We walk into the building to be greeted by familiar sounds: humming dryers, the splish splash of water from the hair wash section. This is a salon after all! A day of pampering is in store for me. I start with a Macadamia Oil hair spa. And as Ankush massages the oil into my scalp, I give in to the relaxed vibe of the salon and zone out. The end of the massage brings me out of my reverie. It is time for a manicure and pedicure. Now this I am really looking forward to. I had heard that Rajkumari– known in Sainik Farms for her
excellent massages and refreshing masala chai – works at Gold Roots’. When the time comes for my arms to be massaged, she arrives with a cup of steaming chai, and, in just a few strokes, redefines my parameters of an excellent massage.

Envigorated, I step into a therapy room for a SKEYNDOR facial. Sing mianalyses my skin and suggests that I try a combination ritual that will work wonders on my sensitive and acne-prone skin. She uses a peel instead of a scrub as she works on my skin with her expert hands. I fall into a deep sleep and an hour later, I wake up to skin that feels extremely soft.

My day has almost come to an end, but not before a hair wash and blow dry by stylist Ajay. As he rolls my hair into curlers, I realise that Anu’s salon hasworked its magic on me. Every salon has it’s USP, but the general idea is for it to create an environment in which its patrons relax, and from which they come out looking refreshed and picture perfect.

Gold Roots’ has done more than that for me. My bouncy, soft hair feels gorgeous as it falls onto my face, my skin looks fresh, my nails are painted in a gorgeous shade of burgundy, and I am sitting on the lawn enjoying yet another cup of tea...