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Nira Spa at Shanti Maurice, Mauritius transports you to a world of serene luxury with its meticulously crafted spa menu and customisable spa packages
By Juhi Dua

My trip to Mauritius started on a high note with the ultra-luxurious Air Mauritius flight. The meticulous care, gourmet meals and all the customised air-bound pampering worked as a perfect precursor to the memorable spa holiday that awaited me at Shanti Maurice. A boutique lifestyle resort and luxury spa destination with 61 spacious suites and villas, this can easily become the place where you make life changing decisions. Such is the power of this serene destination.

The location of the spa resort is its strength. Spread across 36 acres of fragrant tropical gardens, it is set between the expansive blues of the Indian Ocean and the mesmerising greens of the sugarcane fields on the rather untouched south coast of Mauritius. Imagine living in a luxurious villa bang on the beachfront, overlooking the Indian Ocean, with the luxury of a private pool and outdoor rain shower.

Nira Spa at Shanti Maurice, ranked the best in Mauritius, remains its best attraction. Holding the distinction of being the largest in the Indian Ocean – spread over 75,000 sq ft and comprising 25 treatments rooms – it offers a unique concept of a journey around the world through wellbeing, featuring four distinct deluxe spa stations: the Holistic Bio Experience, the Indian Experience, the Oriental Experience and the Fitness & Wellness Experience. Each of the holistic zones present, an authentic environment and style of wellbeing – including a signature treatment per station.

Nira Spa, Shanti Maurice Mauritius
One of the treatment rooms at Nira Spa

I experienced the oriental signature treatment called ‘Tibetan Sound Massage’ that lasted for 75 enchanting minutes, aimed at purification and rebalancing life. It instilled unparalleled wellness in me, through a combination of soothing Tibetan singing bowls, a bespoke blend of body butter and aromatherapy oils.

I followed it up by trying out the light and healthy spa menu offered at Stars – Shanti Maurice’s signature restaurant that offers contemporary Cape cuisine. The next day I experienced the signature treatment from the Holistic Bio Experience – ‘Aromasoul Elements Massage’. A complete sensorial journey through four distinct worlds – the exotic Orient, the Mediterranean, vibrant India, and the ancient cultures of desert tribes – this treatment that comprises a scrub and a wrap, left me feeling brighter and energised. In the consecutive days, I returned to Nira Spa to experience the four spa zones.

What stayed with me, apart from the wonderful spa treatments and their impact, was the ‘Hatha yoga’ and guided meditation experience conducted under the strict supervision of Pragya – the yoga instructor from India – and dietary tips from the spa director, Barbara. It’s best to spend at least five days here so that you can customise a wellness package comprising spa treatments, diet, fitness and wellbeing sessions, including a lowdown on stress management, breathing techniques, yoga, meditation. You could also try alternatives such as paddle yoga and a bike yoga tour for that adrenalin rush. Come, and recuperate!


Shanti Maurice – A Nira Resort
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